What are the advantages of fluoride treatments at the dentist’s office?

Patients concerned about cavities in Bendigo may want to talk to our team at Clarity Dental about the benefits of fluoride treatments. Drs Rebecca Easaw, Conny Qian, and Christina Shue can evaluate patients of all ages and determine if they may benefit from fluoride treatments. Let’s learn more about fluoride and how it can protect the smile from tooth decay.

What is fluoride?

Our team describes fluoride as a mineral commonly found in drinking water, food, and dental products like toothpaste. Fluoride strengthens the enamel of our teeth, the hardest outer layer that protects our teeth from decay.

Some may be concerned about fluoride being added to their drinking water or used in dental care. However, numerous studies have shown that fluoride is safe and effectively prevents tooth decay. Adding fluoride to drinking water has been shown to dramatically reduce cavities in children and adults.

What about fluoride applications at the dental office to prevent tooth decay?

At Clarity Dental, our dentists might recommend a fluoride treatment during your regular dental checkup. This quick and painless process involves applying a high concentration of fluoride to the teeth, which helps to strengthen enamel and prevent cavities. Fluoride treatments are especially great for children whose permanent teeth are still developing. The fluoride is absorbed into the tooth’s enamel, making it stronger and even more resistant to tooth decay.

Not only are fluoride treatments effective in preventing cavities, but they can also help with tooth sensitivity. The protective layer of natural enamel on our teeth may wear down over time, increasing sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks. Fluoride helps to rebuild this protective layer, reducing sensitivity and making eating and drinking more comfortable.

How do I learn more about fluoride treatments at the dental office?

Clarity Dental is pleased to provide fluoride services to children and adults in the Bendigo, VIC area. Call (03) 5910 1001 to request a visit at 12 High Street to talk to our team about your needs for a healthier, stronger, and more attractive smile with general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry.